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Chris Kelley

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The Last Delivery Driver

Sci-fi, adventure, mystery, techno-thriller novel 

Creator & Author

The tale of Adrian Kuldell and his AI partner— Chip.

A self-Published story following a civil war that has redefined the United States of America.

The story joins with Adrian Kuldell ten years after the newly formed boundaries of America and the Bear Republic.

Adrian is a dying breed in the newly formed country of Texas. He’s a NAVO, a non-automated vehicle operator, a lone delivery driver, on a quest to save his struggling family’s fleet business that his parents built—that he has taken over after their deaths.

With the help of his AI, Chip, we follow Adrian into the saga of a more extensive, more complex existence of covert operations that intermingle with government, the tech-industrial complex, and dueling ultra-rich moguls.

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Space City Boutique

Space-themed clothes, merchandise, and accessories


E-commerce shop based in Houston for artists, creators, and designers.

Space City Boutique aspires to be an ‘out of this world’ outfitter based in Houston. With Houston being synonymous with all things space, we bring sci-fi, NASA, sports, outer space, and more into a collection that the whole family can shop.

Currently, a dropshipping operation, with the intent of expanding into pop-up events and activities.

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